A Comprehensive Lean Training Program

Lean Concepts is a free online resource dedicated to sharing the power of lean training. Online presentations, videos, sample documents, and case studies are all used to help any curious lean practitioner increase their skill. Each piece of information is presented in a big picture context to help make ideas easy to use. Take your time, learn, apply, and enjoy the rewards.
For new lean practitioners and others who may be interested, we highly recommend reviewing the Lean Concepts source material before beginning the Lean Concepts Program.

   Introduction to the Lean Concepts Program

Expected Results from the Lean Concepts Program

Lean Concepts Program:

Lean Concepts draws heavily from several of the most prominent schools of lean training. While each one of these individual lean manufacturing systems are successful programs, no one single approach addresses all of needs of an entire organization. When considered together, however, the complimentary nature of these lean manufacturing methodologies becomes apparent. The goal of the Lean Concepts approach is to draw from this rich source material and create of novel blend of philosophy, techniques, and tools that meets and exceeds every organizational need to facilitate an effective lean training transformation. To that end, the program is based upon the interaction between four key concepts: Philosophy, Management, Technical Skills, and Human Development.

Lean Concepts Approach to Learning:

The Lean Concepts system uses a variety of mediums to help facilitate lean training: (1) presentations, (2) written reference material, and (3) encouraged group activities.

Within each module, every section contains a webinar presentation and discussion of the relevant material. Copies of every presentation are made available to keep as a reference and each module has a series of handouts, assignments, and feedback forms designed to facilitate practice by applying the material in real world situations. With the Lean Concepts lean training program we learn by doing.



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